About Us

About Us

Kudret Göz Ankara was established on 13 May 2002 in Kennedy Str. No: 71 Kavaklıdere / ANKARA. Kudret Eye Hospital, which is the first hospital of our group, serves you with 23 single patient rooms, 4 operating rooms, 15 doctor examination rooms and 5 examination rooms.


Kudret Healthcare Group’s second hospital, Kudret Göz İstanbul, was established on 12.10.2005 in Sarayardı Cad. No: 3 Kadıköy was opened in İSTANBUL. It has 3 operating rooms, 22 single patient rooms, 10 examination rooms and 10 doctor examination rooms.

7 Days 24 Hours Uninterrupted Service Concept

Expert Staff

With our expectionally accomplished medical team.

Advanced Inspection and Examination Rooms

Our examination and inspection rooms are equipped with advanced technological equipments that exceed all standards.

Operating Rooms Outfitted with Cutting Edge Instruments

Exclusively with the finest and latest equipment.

Comfortable Patient Rooms

Our single rooms are designed for the comfort of patients and their relatives.


We are at your service 24/7.

Examination Rooms

Patient information is uploaded to the main central computers from the computers in all examination and diagnostic – treatment rooms. With this centralized network, patient files are created on the computer and all necessary documents of the patient are stored there.

Using this system, the risk of patient’s file loss is eliminated and accessing the past records of the patient is made possible.

Patients are examined after eye measurements are taken with the device called autorefractometer and eye pressure is examined with Non-Contact Air-Puff Tonometer.

Patients diagnosed with a severe eye disorder are forwarded to its respective specialist’s branch.

Operating Rooms

All operating rooms are air conditioned through HEPA Filters. In total there are four operating rooms; three of them are equipped with tools to be able to conduct any type of ophthalmologic surgery and one is equipped for excimer laser surgery.

All operation rooms are kept sterile for 24 hours. Oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, vacuum and electricity are provided by the pendant coming from the ceiling in all four rooms.

Patient Rooms

Central medical gas system, nurse call system, patient bed, convertible sofa for patient’s companion, tv, mini bar, telephone, air conditioning, shower and wc are available in our rooms.

Our health staff offers assistance at all times on patient floors.